105 Dapchi school girls recently kidnapped by Boko Haram in Yobe state

The names of missing students of Government Girls Science and Technical College, Yobe state, after an attack by the Boko Haram terrorists group on Monday, February 19, has been released. In total, 105 students are said to be still missing according to a report published by Vanguard Newspaper on Saturday, February 24.

The Yobe government had on Thursday, February 22, apologised for claiming that some of the abducted school girls at Government Girls College Dapchi had been rescued.

Abdullahi Bego, director-general, press affairs to Yobe governor, gave the apology over the statement, which turned out to be untrue. “We issued the statement on the basis of information provided by one of the security agencies that is involved in the fight against Boko Haram and which we had no reason to doubt.’’ “We have now established that the information we relied on to make the statement was not credible. The Yobe State Government apologises for that.” The statement said Gaidam solicited for more patience as “government and security agencies at all levels continued the work to address the unfortunate situation’’.


Below is the list of names.

1. Fatima Bashir

2. Aisha Kachalla

3. Zainab Abubakar

4. Falmata Wakil

5. Fatima Isa

6. Fatima Musa

7. Aisha Usman

8. Aisha Adamu

9. Fatima Isa

10. Hauwa A. Mohammed Idriss

11. Maryam Mohammed

12. Fatima Mohammed II

13. Hauwa Salisu

14. Hassana Gambo

15. Aisha Adamu

16. Adama Garba

17. Zara Grema

18. Maryam Daamkontoma

19. Zainab Bama

20. Fatsuma Abdullahi

21. Fatima Yahaya Tarbutu

22. Amina Yahaya Tarbutu

23. Amina Adamu

24. Hajara Ali

25. Fatima Abdullahi

26. Fatsuma Ali

27. Zara’U Mohammed

28. Salamatu Garba

29. Falmata Alh. Inuwa

30. Falmata Alh. Ali

31. Aisha B. Danjuma

32. Maryam Bashir

33. Maryam Aliyu Mabu

34. Fatima Modu Bamba

35. Aisha Modu Bamba

36. Hafsat Haruna

37. Rabi Alh. Nasiru

38. Hadiza Moh’D

39. Fatima Aji Hassan

40. Falmata Wakil

41. Aisha Wakil

42. Falmata A. Audu

43. Aisha Maina

44. Aisha Mohammed

45. Aisha Mamuda

46. Name missing on list

47.Zainab Usman

48. Hadiza Mohammed Taiduma

49. Maryam Ibrahim

50. Fatima M. Gira

51. Hafsat Ibrahim Gira

52. Maryam Ibrahim

53. Zara Tijjani

54. Amina Haruna

55. Fatima Adamu

56. Khadija Mai Sale

57. Khadija Ali

58. Habiba Musa Jakana

59 Fatima Bukar

60. Hajara Gidado

61. Maryam Basiru

62. Fatima Usman

63. Maryam Ibrahim

64. Leah Sherubu

65. Aisha Alh. Deri

66. Fatima Hassan Mustapha

67. Zainab Manu

68. Zara Tijjani

69. Zainab Bukar Abba

70. Hauwa Saidu Abubakar

71. Karima Inusa

72. Amina A. Abubakar

73. Yakura Sani

74. Rabi Yahaya Tela

75. Hajara Yahaya Tela

76. Marya Mustapha

77. Aisha Abdullahi

78. Maryam Adamu Mohammed

79. Bintu Usman

80. Fatsuma Mohammed

81. Salamatu Isiyaku

82. Hauwa Lawan

83. Aisha B. Danjuma

84. Aisha Moh’D Jakusko

85. Hauwa Bulama

86. Fatima Abubakar Jambo

87. Walida Adamu

88. Fanna Mohammed

89. Aisha M. Bukar

90. Maryam Usman

91. Aisha Abba Aji

92. Maryam Usman

93. Maimuna A. Hassan

94. Zara Musa

95. Maryam Mohammed Kaku

96. Khadija Suleiman

97. Habiba Nuhu Dan Inu

98. Fatima Isiyaku Aliyu

99. Sahura Jibir Mohammed

100. Khadija Grema Dabuwa

101. Zara Grema Dabuwa

102. Zara Mohammed Lawan

103. Fatima Mohammed

104. Fati Modu Aisami

105. Fatsuma Allia

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