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    This is a collection of so many funny ridiculous videos, if you are the type that cant sit in a place while laughing just […]

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September 5, 2017 234hit 0

Learn new funny dance step from this cute little baby dancer, hahaha so funny be careful while watching so you dont roll on the flow… […]

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Video: Little but mighty dancer

September 3, 2017 234hit 0

watch this little girl scatter the dance flow, she dance better than a club dancer… Shes hot I can not lie DOWNLOAD HERE  1,065 total views

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Vedio: Baddest Zombie dance

August 29, 2017 234hit 0

Watch this zombie dance to gun bullet ….. very funny and interesting video DOWNLOAD HERE  1,362 total views

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Video :Amazing Woman break things with her breast

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Watch this woman breaking things with her heavy breast, her breast can break even water melon DOWNLOAD HERE  1,305 total views

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Video: Freestyle – Libra_Cfa

August 27, 2017 234hit 0

 Its me Libra_cfa the ceo of doing a freestyle while my mom dance and her friend hails… The freestyle is a mixture of English, More […]

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VIDEO: Still Ringing : Comedy

August 26, 2017 234hit 0

. check out this funny video by still ringing titled “in the ministry” DOWNLOAD HERE  1,481 total views

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