Dylan Leonte American musician signed to Beyoncé’s Dad, has rockstar dreams


Growing up was a little different for Dylan Leonte Custard, compared to most kids. After the 5th grade he went into a homeschooling program. And this is where his passion for music started to grow. Dylan Leonte Custard would watch live concert videos on YouTube of Metallica, and this is where his rockstar dreams began. He soon afterwards joined a music program called “School of rock” which is where he would eventually meet his current drummer Michael Moore.
Bands such as- Sum 41, Trust Company, and Chevelle influenced his sound the most and made Dylan Leonte Custard fall in love with the Hard Rock/Alternative Metal genre.
Dylan Leonte Custard began to take singing lessons from the top vocal coaches of Los Angeles, CA around 12 years of age. He liked to study all of his favorite bands inside and out. Watching performance footage and learning different on-stage moves from different bands. His goal was to make the crowd feel something when he performed.

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