Easiest ways to turn a Girl on and make her melt into you

how to turn a girl on with your touch

Knowing how to turn a girl on with your touch can be super valuable. The next time you want to bring her home, follow these tips to make her yours.

Girls can be pretty difficult to turn on if you have no idea what you’re doing. Learning how to turn a girl on with your touch is probably the most valuable thing you can do if you want to make a certain woman yours. It takes more than just smooth talking to get the job done.

But you also can’t go around grabbing their asses and expecting that to work, either. It’s probably a lot more complex than you think. A touch can make or break your chances with a girl. You want to make sure you do it right.

Mistakes guys typically make when picking up women


If you’re having a hard time turning girls on, even your own partner, you’re probably guilty of a few things. A lot of guys think grabbing at a girl in the “right” places is going to turn her on. That’s just not how it works.

And touching women without their permission is an even bigger turn-off. You may have tried to touch a girl’s waist while in a bar and didn’t get very far. In fact, she probably ran away. Fast. These things don’t work. You have to touch women in the right ways to turn them on.

How to turn a girl on with your touch and leave her wanting more

As a woman, I know a thing or two about what we like. But keep in mind that all women are different and will respond differently to certain touches. Get to know the girl a little bit first and try a variety of these touches before finding which works best.

#1 Be gentle about it. Don’t go around grabbing at women and being rough with your touches. Yes, many women like roughness in the bedroom, but you’re not there yet. Slow it down and start out gentle. This is also much less alarming and sultrier than a grabby, rough hand.

#2 Make sure it’s okay with her first. You can’t go around touching women without their permission. That’s creepy and will make her extremely uncomfortable. If she’s flirting with you, leaning in close, and also touching you, that means she’s comfortable with touches. But never just assume.

#3 Don’t make it sexual. I know this might seem a little contradictory but it’s not. If you go right for the naughty touching, it won’t turn her on. If anything, it’ll put her on guard – especially if you don’t know her well.

So avoid touching her in sexual ways. Instead, use friendly touches that can seem platonic. Touch the outside of her arm or her shoulder but avoid her butt, waist, and hip area at first.

#4 Transition from gentle to rough. When you’re touching a woman, start out very gentle and then increase the pressure slightly before letting up again. This change in sensation will take her attention to your hands. She’ll be more in tune with your touches and feel them a little more than she would if you kept the same amount of pressure the entire time.

#5 Touch her shoulder. Many men don’t realize just how sensitive a woman’s shoulders are. And it’s not just about the sensation, either. Someone who’s touching your shoulder has to be very close.

It’s also a bit more intimate than touching her arm because it’s closer to her face. This touch is great for determining if she’s okay with you touching her. If she doesn’t pull away when you touch her shoulder, it’s a good sign.

#6 Touch the small of her back. All women notice right away if a man is touching her waist. It’s a very intimate touch that’s also very gentlemanly. You can be respectful while also turning her on this way.

When she’s walking through a doorway, simply guide her by touching the small of her back. Then, just let your hand linger there for a few minutes so she can sense your touch in this intimate area.

#7 Let your touch linger a tiny bit too long. No matter where you touch, let it linger just a little bit longer than feels comfortable. You want to make sure she feels it, right? Then you have to give her a chance to notice it.

It also increases the sexual tension between the two of you. This works especially well if you make eye contact with her just before removing your hand from her.

#8 Move her hair off her shoulder. If you really want to turn a girl on and increase the sexual tension between the two of you, brush her hair behind her shoulder. Only do this if you think she’s comfortable enough.

When you do this, step away after and look at her. Then smile. It’s a simple trick but it’ll allow her to see your interest and that level of intimacy can thicken the air with sexual tension.

#9 Squeeze before letting go. If you’re touching her in some way, give a quick squeeze before removing your hand. This makes your touch linger. That pressure right before you stop touching her will also serve as a reminder that you were actually touching her in the first place. She’ll want your touch back after this.

#10 Trail your fingers lightly. This has to be done so it’s just enough to almost tickle her. You don’t want her throwing herself into fits of laughter because it tickles too much. That can often ruin the mood. Simply allow your fingers to trail lightly along her skin. It increases sensitivity and that’s what you want in order to turn her on.

#11 Ask her where she wants to be touched. Obviously, this works best if you’re in a relationship with this woman, but it’s still great to do. Ask her where she wants to be touched. You never know what might be a sensitive erogenous zone for her.

#12 Graze the back of her neck. Whether this is with your lips or fingers is up to you. Clearly, she has to be comfortable with you in order to do this, but if she is, it’s a sure place to touch her. The neck is an erogenous zone in general. Make your touch here very gentle and you’ll turn her on.

#13 Place a hand on her thigh. But don’t do it too high. In fact, touch her knee instead of her thigh. Just let your hand rest there for a few seconds, give it a little squeeze, and then stop touching her. It’s intimate enough to turn her on but not so much that you’ll make her uncomfortable. This spot is great for gauging her interest.

#14 Rub a single spot. Sometimes rubbing a spot on a girl can be more creepy than sexy, but there is a way to do it. Once you touch her, just let your hand move back and forth. Don’t apply pressure. This type of touch will increase her sensitivity and allow you two to connect in a respectfully intimate way.

#15 Make it super subtle. If she can tell you’re totally trying to get with her by touching her, the game is over. You lose. The goal here is to make your touches subtle enough so she has no idea you’re trying to seduce her. Keep them simple, and don’t act like they’re a huge deal.

Learning how to turn a girl on with your touch isn’t easy. It’ll take some practice to get it right. Focus on these tips and always adjust your touches depending on the girl you’re trying to turn on.

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