Ford Escort car used for Princess Diana sells for £650k

Princess Diana Ford Escort car

The automobile signified a “piece of history,” according to Humbert. Arwel Richards, a specialist in automobiles for the auction house, estimated that the overall sale price of the acquisition, including the buyer’s premium, was £730,000.

Everyone at the auction house, he claimed, was “surprised” by the ultimate amount the automobile brought.

Richards asserted that the car’s “emotional link” with the public and its scarcity, however, were what truly distinguished it.

He said that the “lucky bidder” would have put money into two ventures.


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“He will own one of the best maintained specimens of this model anywhere, in addition to the car’s contribution to social history.

“This car was known as the ‘people’s sports car’ and the fact it was driven by the People’s Princess just nails it.”

Before her death Diana was pictured with the car outside the boutique shops of Chelsea and in Kensington. In June 2021, another Ford Escort used by Princess Diana sold at auction for £52,000.

Princess Diana Ford Escort car

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