How Fulani herdsman came to my rescue – Late actor Sam Loco Efe’s son shares his encounter

Omoruyi Loco Efe, son of the late Nollywood icon Sam Loco Efe has shared a picture of himself and a Fulani man.

Omoruyi disclosed that the Fulani man helped him when his car got stucked in mud. The Fulaniman is seen to have spills of mud stain on his shirt possibly from the help he rendered.The Lawyer was grateful for the help renderedthat he took a selfie with the man and also collected his contact number. This goes a long way to show that one can be safe around a Fulani man.

Late actor Sam Loco’s son Omoruyi and the Fulani man that helped him (Source: Twitter)

Trust Nigerian Twitter users, they began to ask questions about his encounter with the Fulani man and if he gave him some money to say thank you.It led Omoruyi to reveal that he is getting married next month and would be purchasing the cow to be used from the Fulani man.

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