How to deal with an overheating Smartphone

Everyone can relate to that feeling when you are in the middle of using your phone and it suddenly starts heating up. You feel like you could iron clothes with it.  Well, a phone overheating is not in any way good for your phone, as it could spoil your battery and in extreme situations, explode (Samsung Galaxy Note 7 gave us that scare). But generally it’s just an uncomfortable feeling and I’m here to tell you that there are tons of measures you could undertake and do about it.

Before you know what to do to cool your phone, lemme give you a few things you do that cause the temperature to go up;

  1. Bad battery; Your phone battery is meant to be changed after a while of work, so when your battery starts heating up or charging really slow, then you know.
  2. Water damage; Sometimes we harmlessly carry our phones with us to the bathroom to provide soundtracks to the shower/bath experience. However, if you aren’t careful, some water or even just moisture can get into your phone and cause it to work ineffectively and ultimately heat up.
  3. Intense use/ multitasking: This should be obvious, but when you use your phone for a million different things at once, you’re bound to feel it heating up. You know those days at home when your mom tells you to help her but then she sends you for something while sending you for something else? Yeah, your phone can relate too.
  4. Continuous Use: You don’t put the phone down for hours on end, what do you expect?
  5. Poor quality chargers: Some chargers only damage your battery more than charging, so if you notice your phone is hot even while charging, that may be the problem.

Fear not! I come with answers, hacks, and advice on how to keep your phone as cool as you think you are;


  1. Leave it alone! Set it aside, mute it, (you can reply messages later, unless it’s your girlfriend then, by all means, reply) do other things with your time. Read a book, take a walk, talk to real life people, I don’t care. Just anything that gives your phone a break.
  2. Switch the battery after a while. Most phone batteries stop being as effective after months of use, so it’s wise to change the battery. You can notice when your battery needs charging when battery life is down to an hour, or it keeps overheating. However, if your smartphone has an inbuilt battery, you might want to get a new phone.
  3. Take your phone cover off. I know, it looks nice, or it protects your phone from your clumsiness. But if you notice most phone covers are made of materials that keep warmth in, so whenever you can, take the plastic off your phone
  4. Turn off apps you aren’t using. Some apps continue running long after you have gone to another app, so shutting them down will not only save the temperature, your precious data can be well distributed.
  5. Utilize airplane mode. Either this or just turn off your phone until it gets cooler. Airplane mode is a personal favorite feature, as it is easier to switch it on and off than switching on the whole device.
  6. Avoid placing it in places with high temperatures or even direct sunlight.  It can send your phone’s temperature levels dangerously up. In the same light, do not put your phone in the fridge to cool it down! The last thing your phone needs is a drastic change in temperatures. A better option would be to place it on a cool surface and if you want more cooling, fan it with a paper. Just don’t freeze your phone- literally.
  7. Functions like Bluetooth, location services, and cellular data can make your phone overheat so turn them on only when you need them. All these tricks and your phone’s still uncool? Throw it away (please don’t – I’m only joking).

Anyway, all these are foolproof ways to prevent having an exploding phone situation, because the only thing that does is bring up the useless debate about whether iPhones or Samsungs are better (they both explode, stay woke)


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