[It’s not eazy] Nigerian woman keke rider shares here story

In an interview with Splufikstory, the woman narrated how she lost her husband while she was pregnant with their third child.

According to her, she had been in the frozen foods business before her husband died and after his death she was robbed.

She explained that she began to sell provisions after pleading with her friends to borrow her capital.


She revealed that she was robbed three times while selling the provisions and she was left in debt.

The woman said she had to give up on the business the third time she was robbed because she was already in so much debt.

The woman explained that she began the keke napep business in September, 2017, after collecting a loan of one million naira to buy the tricycle.

According to her, she pays N16,100 weekly to make up for the loan.

She, however, stated that she doesn’t like the job because of the risk.

She added that she had a terrible accident recently and her tricycle somersaulted, leaving her hospitalized for a week.

Read her story below:

“I used to sell frozen foods when my husband was still alive.

He died when I was one month pregnant with my last of 3 children.

I was still managing at the shop until thieves came to rob and carted everything away.

The suffering became intense as a widow with no source of income.

After so much begging, my friends helped me raise money to start a new business.

I started collecting and selling provisions and soft drinks in wholesale.

But this time, I got robbed thrice. After the first robbery, I managed to borrow money from people to restock a little, but as soon as I started making profit, thieves came again and packed everything.

The manager of the depot where I was collecting goods felt pity for me so I was given goods on loan with the agreement that I will pay back as soon as I start making profit.

For the third time, thieves came again.

Honestly, I don’t know if I was being setup, but I’ve handed everything to God.

I’m still in debt at the depot as we speak. I had to sell my generator to pay back a little from what I owed, so they’ve agreed to allow me pay N4,000 weekly until my debt is cleared.

I’ll complete the payment by August.

Isn’t life unfair?

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