It’s painful to see how he spends on Gucci, Versace, but never on his son – Hushpuppi’s baby mama blows hot

– More details have emerged in the fight between Hushpuppi, Mompha and his alleged baby mama

– She has accused him of spending more on designer items than on his son

– Hushpuppi is yet to respond to this latest accusations


It appears the fight between Hushpuppi, his alleged baby mama and his once close friend Mompha has taken a new turn.

After Mompha revealed Hushpuppi had a 4-year-old son whom he abandoned, the woman who bore that child, a lady who goes by the name @Shobabybeauty on Instagram, has revealed more details about her relationship with Hushpuppi. She said she recently had a conversation with Hushpuppi were he labeled her a nobody and she is hell bent on making him regret his statement. She added that her current husband is not stopping Hushpuppi from having a relationship with his son but it sickens her to see him spending so much on designer items.

See her posts below:

” @hushpuppi you called me a nobody yesterday on the phone for speaking the truth. You will regret that statement. As for @mompha you didnt need to send our private conversation and involve us in your beef. I saw you as his friend, who i thought you could talk sense to him to be a Dad to his son. If I wanted social media to know @hushpuppi does not provide for his son, I would have put it up years ago. You could have at least hidden my snap ID and not have put our son picture up. To all the single mothers with a deadbeat dad there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just as God blessed me with a wonderful husband he can do the same for you.”

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