Joke Silva shares her success secret 

While some might argue that veteran actress, Joke Silva, is either lucky or talented, she revealed in a recent interview that her success in life has noting to do with these two factors.

For the sake of the younger ones, the thespian was quick to share some responsible for her success. She said, “What has helped me in life is grace. So much grace. I believe God empowered me with passion and respect. I did whatever was possible within the stage of performance, then, stage transited into television and television to film till we ended up with what we now call Nollywood. I am grateful to God that I am where I am because it is only Him that could have allowed all the hard work to pay off. Talent is great but it doesn’t guarantee success; a man can run out of luck, but grace? You keep blossoming and that’s what my story is.”

Taking a trip down memory lane, the star actress said that she has always wanted to be an actress. However, unlike some of her colleagues whose parents were not disposed to their career choice, Silva’s parents had always been in support of their daughter’s choice of career.

“I always knew it was what I wanted to do, and I think my parents knew too but were skeptical because the industry was hardly recognised then. I never had doubts about being an actress; that’s why even when the jobs weren’t very forthcoming, I stayed in performance by teaching, stage plays or television. I kept reinventing myself in the same industry because I knew it was my field.


“I was a model child. I had regular run-ins with my parents, but every child has her naughty days. My parents were very accommodating and supportive, so there was really no need to be rebellious. I think I was a mix. When I needed to be reserved, I was, and sociable when I needed to be.  It was sometimes dependent on my mood as well,” she said.

Thankful for her youthful days, the actress was quick to add what she missed about those days. “I miss being a young lady sometimes when I can’t jump as I used to or expend as much energy as before. But I’m grateful for my growth. I am gracefully aging and loving it,” she said.

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