MOVIE : South Mountain (2019)

MOVIE : South Mountain (2019)

MOVIE : South Mountain (2019)

DOWNLOAD FULL HD MOVIE : South Mountain (2019) [MP4]

  • Directed by: Hilary Brougher
  • Star Actors : Talia Balsam , Scott Cohen , Andrus Nichols , Michael Oberholtzer
  • File Size: 274 MB

In the Catskill mountain home she shares with her husband Edgar (SCOTT COHEN) and their teen daughters, Lila (TALIA BALSAM) has developed a delicate tranquillity.

Edgar announces the birth of a child with another woman leaving Lila for a season of tumultuous loss and reconfiguration,

shortly after the girls leave for summer adventures.

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Lila lashes out – by her relationship with a younger man (MICHAEL OBERHOLTZER) exploring the light and dark corners of sorrow, rage and desire.

As the world of Lila turns upside down, those who depend on her likewise come undone.

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