Mr Eazi claims Nigerian musicians only started performing in London after he did

– Mr Eazi has got Nigerians talking about him again

– The artist revealed in recent interview his role as a trailblazer for Nigerian musicians

– He mentioned that since he started performing in London, others have followed in his foot steps


Entmediahub earlier reported that Nigerians compared him to a goat on twitter because he claimed Nigerian musicians are are copying him.

Rather than step on the breaks, the Ohema crooner has come out to reveal the major role he played in paving the way for Nigerian artists to perform in London. He mentioned this in a recent interview with MTV Base. In the interview which was talked about on MTV Base’s social media page, Mr Eazi expressed that he was first to start performing in London and that opened the door for many Nigerian musicians to copy him

Mr Eazi opened up about the planned show he had prepared for his audience and when asked about Afrobeats, he said: “I felt like ever since I came and did quite a lot in London, a lot of African artists have started coming to London. It’s like London is the Afrobeat 101. So I just feel like anyone can come and do a concert and it’s shown I’m happy that a lot of artists have been able to come and do concerts but I personally feel like Afrobeats is what is is right now, it’s a wave”

His Nigeria fans will definitely eat this one up and it seems Mr Eazi doesn’t shy away from stating his importance in the music industry.

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