[MUST READ] Things you shouldn’t do as an upcoming artist

[MUST READ] Things you shouldn't do as an upcoming artist

[MUST READ] Things you shouldn’t do as an upcoming artist

Before going to the main topic, Who’s an upcoming artist?

An Upcoming Artist is generally known as someone who does music and not blown or widely known yet.
Although the name “Upcoming Artist” means “Up and coming artist” which can also be referred to as “Growing Artist”
Here are things you should avoid if you fall in the above category.
1. Addressing people as “fans”
Don’t ever do this, If you are already doing it, I will advice you stop it.
Calling people fans will make them see you as an artist who has got pride and not humble.
And will make alot of people loose interest in supporting you.
They will be like “Who’s your fans? Who know you? Someone who hasn’t blown that’s already feeling big”.
Don’t give people opportunity to feel this way.

2. Tag people less on your post.
I understand you need people to turn up for your stuffs and support you, but you can’t force them.
Let them do it willingly.
Tagging people always on Facebook and other social media networks will make them see you as pest and someone who’s not matured or have something reasonable to offer.
As such they will start ignoring you.


3. Stop over hyping yourself.
You sing well?
You rap well?
That’s not for you to tell.
Just do good music and watch people shower you with praises & Support.

4. Don’t expect people to work free for you.
You are doing your own hustle, they are doing there’s also, Paying your producers, Graphic designers, bloggers e.t.c is investing/sowing and it’s being said that “You will reap what you sow”.
What will you reap when you didn’t sow?.
How will you grow when you didn’t invest?
Why should you be paid to perform in a show if you don’t pay for works done for you?

Think about it.

Things you should do as an upcoming artist coming soon. 

Written by : Libra_Cfa ( Ceo )

If you will like to add or disagree with the above write up, Please use the comment box.

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