Pastor confesses to using black magic to grow his church and make money

Pastor Makhado Sinthumule has confessed to using muthi grow his church and perform miracles. We learnt that after completing his four-year theology studies, Pastor Makhado travelled to several West African countries to get the supposed black power. The 36-year-old pastor from Pretoria told Daily Sun that the muthi (black power) enabled him to gain a huge following and wealth.

Pastor Makhado made the startling confession recently.

He said: I got the power to do prophecies and was able to see people’s secrets and do consultations. I used the bad powers I got to make people do things such as vomit snakes. I was in a rush to make money and see my church grow. This was what made me do bad things. The best way to get more followers was to perform miracles.


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Makhado added that although he achieved his objectives, he felt guilty and became unhappy. He subsequently changed his ways, confessed to his church and received prayers from its members.

Since then, he has been traveling around South Africa to testify about his changed ways and discourage others from the path of evil.

Makhado explained: My mistake was to associate myself with pastors running big churches as they introduced me to these evil things. Now that I am a changed man I preach the truth and nothing but the truth. I learnt that getting rich through muthi is bad.

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