Police release more details about Davido’s friends DJ Olu and Chime’s death

– The Lagos state Police Command has released more details about the death of DJ Olu and Chime who are said to be friends of Davido

– Substances suspected to be dr*gs were said to be found at the scene of their death

– The acting commissioner of police also said the autopsy of Tagbo another friend of Davido who recently died will soon be released More details have emerged following the recent death of DJ Olu and Chime friends of popular musician Davido. Olugbenga Abiodun, aka DJ Olu who was the son of oil magnate, Dapo Abiodun, and one Chime Amaechi, were found dead on Saturday, October 7, 2017 in a BMW car in a garage on Block B, Banana Island, Lagos. The Lagos state Police Command has said it recovered substances suspected to be hard dr*gs from the car in which the deceased were found. A source told Punch that operatives from the Ikoyi Police Division received a distress call that two young men were lying lifeless in a car. DJ Olu and Chime, friends of Davido who recently passed on


“A team raced to the scene. On getting there, the lifeless bodies of two adult males were found in a BMW car, with number plate, KJA 631 AY, at the underground garage of Block B, Banana Island. After making some enquiries, the victims were identified as Olugbenga Abiodun, 25. He lived on Block 11 of the estate. The other victim, Chime Amaechi, was also aged 25,” the source said. Going further, another source said the duo vomited blood from their noses and mouths, adding that a preliminary physical examination suggested that they died of dr*g overdo*e. She said, “They were found dead in the car and blood was coming out of their noses and mouths. A doctor was also at the scene. Physical examination of the bodies indicated that the victims must have died of an overd*se of substances suspected to be hard dr*gs. The substances were found in the car.” The Lagos state Acting Commissioner of Police, Edgar Imohimi, confirmed the deaths and the recovery of substances suspected to be dr*gs from the victims. He, however, said the police would still subject the substances to laboratory tests for identification. Asked about the autopsy conducted on Tagbo Umeike another of Davido’s friend that recently passed on, Imohimi said “It will be out soon. Investigation is in top gear.

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