Dear God, If there is anything that gets me astonished is the miracle of waking up.

Yesterday was more like a rejuvenation; it feels so good hearing the cock’s crow alarm that it is time to wake then,I knelt down knowing it is such an opportunity to grip. Pacing around my little LUDUS,the cry of a neighbor baby caught my attention so strong that I stretched to know the time but immediately I heard it’s 5:30 am from a male radio presenter.Curiosity sets in and my head start fighting a PELOPONNESE WAR until I decided to step out.The cool breeze was so appealing that I dashed in to wear a knitted jacket. Leave me alone or you kill me (screaming/crying) that’s all I heard and then,it was as if PHNC knew what was going on,suddenly there was a total BLACKOUT. Gosh! I exclaimed in a very clumsy tone,the intensity of the noise outside increased and I started whispering to God (deep thoughts).


Oh! you think i’m a fool?(clashes of broken bottles) it is all my fault, I didn’t listen and now I’m regretting,just look at this children and how you are making a fool me in front of them. Puah,puah...(slaps from left, right,center) you don’t have any right to say a word while I’m talking, I am the man of this house.

Neighbors rushed out to separate the fight and stop the argument but it was too late(she slump).

Daddy leave mummy alone was all I was hearing continuously from their (3)three children and even the three weeks old baby was saying same thing by crying out loud. Peeping through the window I saw the neighbors hastily rushing the lady out and the man following sheepishly. Everyone left the children crying outside while wondering what is wrong with their mum.I opened my door feeling devastated, even with the look in my eyes you will tell how I felt.I called the eldest who was just eight(8) to bring the little baby for me, she did and we all walked into the room.I tried to calm them down making them feel nothing just happened but mere acting displayed by their parents but the questions they all asked was very heavy. I feel very bitter with the examples you have both shown to this children at this very tender age,believe me,it has registered so deeply in their mind that they wish to grow up with it.Why not create room for dialogue instead of contending with each other or washing each other’s undies outside?Where is the love and vows you both exchanged at the I ALTAR?Were they mere words from the lips? She’s supposed to be by your side, helping out,not under your feet.I’m suppose to learn from you and imbibe the examples not pacing around the corridor of confusion. Don’t let the world know your difference but let them see marriage as an honorable thing. Ladies and gentlemen, stop dancing to the wrecking rhythms of the drums,don’t let the society, environment, family talk you into your early grave.Study to show yourself approved.

God! This was just a lengthy narration to show the pains,hurt and frustration some families find themselves. Heal the family circle, change their minds from the wrong thing to be right,fix their loopholes and make them happily ever after.


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Inspired by Ety Christo

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