(Letters to God)

Dear God,

Yesterday was a bright-gloomy day were the gray cloud darkens the beautiful rays of the sun. I wandered slowly into a lonely sphere like a lost PANDA in a cool seasoned evening. At a point, i already knew I was allergic to the space I live in and the more I discover,the fear of loosing struck in. Tick tock,tick tock the time sluggishly hit 12:09pm and the urge of visiting the saloon for a redo lingered. I jumped up hastily, put on a bum short, sleeveless and a pan-coat off I went. The street was so rowdy that even a common criminal would take a stroll without any trace by the uniform men, everybody in it’s hustling train. I spotted a pregnant woman carrying a baby on her back and as well pushing a truck load of cooler. What a load I exclaimed with pity, is there no one to drop the baby with? I soliloquize. Crossing over, I almost ran into kids struggling a pack of popcorn, I guess there were siblings, all I could do was smile to the good old days. It wasn’t up to 5mins I was at the saloon, stared at by different faces with diverse meanings written all over their faces. I grab a seat,cross my legs and fiddling of phone started just to while away time for my stylist to come. Buy banana,buy banana, my spirit leaped like a monkey who is desperately in need of one, banana I called, we did some exchange and off she went. One peel dropped, pulling out the second one,my eyes captured a little boy selling sachet water, I noticed people on the other side giving him a repulsive look so I called and he hurriedly crossed over. Coming closer, i observed that he was almost dressed in rags with bruises all over his body. I brought down the bucket of water with curiosity just then, I heard some customers murmuring, “he’s so dirty, why is she buying from him? Is the water even clean?” I pretended like I didn’t hear but lemme describe what I saw in few words; a boy lost in the shadow of no return, striped naked in the hands of a slave master/mistress only awaiting the manumission process. I asked what is your name? E..e..edidiong he replied shivering, c’mon I won’t beat you. How old are you and why are there bruises all over your body? He sobs and I felt his pains struck in the heart. I am 11yrs old, my auntie beat me yesterday because some money was missing from my sales, some guys drank my water at PLAZA and sent me away without paying, I cried and even pleaded but they all claim to have (#1000) one thousand Naira notes without change.



When I got home, my auntie beat me mercilessly,I slept without food and today I was sent out again to hawk without having my bath and food,he answered intelligently and I was shocked. Customers at the other end kept wondering with a ‘why’ tag on their faces. I’ll pay for your water I said instantly, his face brightened but first we have to eat he smile aunty thank you! Having listened to him,the urge of redoing my hair died out. I thought of adoption and how to save him but I was really in a state of confusion. God, I really wish I could do something about this but I know you are in a better position to fix problems. Change the youths mentality from thinking the wrong thing is right, teach them to work with their hands and give them sleeping conscience, help us to put smiles on people’s faces, aid us to give listening ears and love another man’s children as though they were ours,help the little boy find peace and change the auntie’s mind and attitude from hurting him.

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