Dear God,

Yesterday I journey to were thatch houses are still rampant, where elderly people exchange pleasantries as though they were created for it, where children knew the ethics of greeting. I watch some kids playing happily without slippers nor clothes, young girls coming back from the farm with logs of firewood, some women passing with peeled cassava to the mill,to some they might call it primitive life but twas such a beautiful site. I was about leaving the vicinity when someone directed my attention towards two girls whom they already tagged as ‘village slay queens’, one was heavily pregnant and I doubted if she was up to 17yrs, pathos was all I felt thinking the pregnancy is too heavy for her suppose age. This time around I was too Nosy that I couldn’t let the opportunity of discussing with her pass me by. Fine girl, she responded with timid smile yes aunty, I startled, no dear call me Ara, I’m really bored can we chat pls? I pop the question but she was looking so insecure then, I ask her to show me where I can get snacks and she happily offered to, instantly, the sun hit my face with a smile. Strolling down there, I introduce myself again and told her I meant no harm but sisters talk will do,I went on by telling her that I derive joy in drafting letters to God hoping he send replies to the people involved, (she laughs) how do you do that? I’ll tell you if only you’ll help me out, okay! I will on one condition, that you will also write a letter to God on my behalf, I nod with incitement. I got snacks and we shared together like we knew ourselves right from the Garden of Eden. What is your name? Esther she answered nicely,will it be ok if we talk? No problem anything. Where is your husband? That elderly man you saw outside impregnated me. Hmmmm why? But he’s too old for you! Lets sit I can’t stand for a long time, ( she took me to a very quiet environment where we were so closer to nature and she began) sister, ( tears drop) c’mon you can forget about telling me, No! You have to hear me out because you asked a why question. OK! I’m all ears. I was a street girl hawking for survival since I lost my parents while rushing me to the hospital in a motor accident,I was the only survivor with joint dislocation/bruises. I was 10yrs but stigmatize ‘A WITCH ‘, accused and thrown out of my rich parents house with reasons that I killed them while taking me to the hospital. The street was my new home, no food, clothes or relatives to help, I can’t count how many times I was raped at night by men and even young guys who promised to help me,I couldn’t raise alarm because I had no one. At a point I started menial jobs to survive but at month ends I quit because I didn’t like the way I was treated, I bought fruits for sales with the little capital I made. I started making profit with the aim of going back to school before anything. One evening while selling, a regular costumer of mine approached me with a why question just like you did now and he was acting very nicely,so I told him everything without missing words,he promised to help (in my mind I was praying) God! Let it be true, he gave me 10,000 Naira that evening to have a change of clothes, I was scared, I didn’t have any option because I needed the money so I collected with a big thank you. One, two,three months passed I didn’t see him but as God will have it he showed up saying he traveled out for a business and he’s back for good, I smile, he handed a bag full of toiletries, it’s yours I hope you’ll like it? Thank you sir! I bet you the gift were expensive and he said can I adopt you? Don’t be scared my wife died 4yrs ago and my 3 children are all outside the country, I just need a child,somebody to keep me company. After giving much thought I accepted, moved in, he was like a father to me and I got everything I wanted. One fateful night,he entered my room and said he wanted to sleep with me, the trauma of the past started hunting me, I pleaded but he wouldn’t listen, he finally had his way and this is the result. We are in this village because he says his friends will laugh at him for impregnating a girl of 18yrs, I’m going to stay here,have this baby,when the child is 2yrs he can come take me back to lagos. I stared at her with so much emotions and without saying a word then, she tapped me, please can you draft a letter to God for me?



Tell him am very sorry, tell him to forgive those who hurt me, tell him have accepted my fate and most especially, tell him I’m very sad and have lost my future like an election. This word alone ‘have lost my future like an election’ broke me down, I have never met a girl as strong as that at her age,sold to the world at a very tender age all in the name of witchcraft only to suffer what she never bargain for. I wish the world could hear me out through this medium. Why punish a girl for what she knows nothing about? Why humiliate her? Why can’t we help each other without asking for something in return? Why rape? Is it the only option? Why turn her into a slave? God! This questions are too difficult for me to answer, save every girl/boy child going through the same situation, help them find peace in this world full of pains, help the world grow with love not hate, comfort them on every side and make the world a better place. I use her as a point of contact to the modern slave trade that is going on in Libya… Freedom is all I ask…


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