( Letters to God)

Dear God,

Kpa! Kpa!! Kpa kpa kpa!!! This sound stole sleep from my eyes at about 5:30am, I heard footsteps running To and Fro, at first I thought they were gunmen invading the area. I carefully tip toed to the window, peep through the net only to see children lighting BANGER. I wanted to yell at them forgetting I lived in the GHETTO but I remembered it’s YULETIDE; season where banger and fireworks are not left behind. I reach out to my phone, turn on the radio and the first thing I heard was burial announcement, I quickly turn it off. This early morning? I asked like people were in the room to answer. I knelt down by the bed (I guess you know what I did) we reasoned for some minutes and I stepped out to have my bath. Aunty good morning,they chorus the greeting, morning I replied but before I could utter another word they all vanish, then I remembered I was suppose to dispose waste along the street. I hastily dropped the water,picked the waste, off I went. I walked confidently down the street because it was lit. Moving close to the bin I saw a lady leaving hastily but I didn’t pay attention. Immediately a dog barked continuously, in my mind I was saying ‘stay wherever you are am minding my business o. I threw the first box and was about throwing the other bag when I saw a moving cloth, I startled but then hurriedly went back to throw the bag because I couldn’t leave it by the road side. I dropped the whole bag inside the bin without waiting to empty it then,I heard the cry of a baby, I was wondering if I threw a baby inside the bin or the cry was coming from the neighborhood. I brought out my phone,on the touchlight,point inside the bin, I was shocked when I saw a newly born baby wrapped with a cloth full of blood stain. God! No wonder she left shortly, why? This baby is too fragile, how will I even carry you? I muttered. I quickly dip my hands inside the bin full of waste,removed the baby. What do I do now? I can’t take care of this baby, she’s too fragile. Instantly, I recalled I had medical appointment with a Doctor friend, No! But it’s too early, what if he’s sleeping? (I summoned courage) OK! Lemme just give a try. Puum puum,puum puum (someone picked,female voice) hello good morning, good morning Mma (shivering) my name is Ara please there’s an emergency and I want to talk to doctor, he’s having his bath but will put the phone and speaker for him, OK! Thank you Mma. Honey you have a call and it’s emergency, hold on am done.



Doctor please help me I just found a newly born baby in a waste bin, God! Where are you now? He asked, I’m still there, get home now. Can you clean a baby? No doctor, what’s your address? I mentioned, I’ll be there in 30mins, OK doctor. I walked very gently like a dog that has piles, my emotions was in tier; crying (having deep feelings for the baby) Angry (particularly with the mum) why threw her away after keeping her for nine months! Scared( if the doctor is actually coming in 30mins to safe the baby) you have to live no matter what,I uttered with compassion. It wasn’t up to 30mins my phone rang, bring the baby am at your location, reaching there he asked why are you crying? Give the baby to my wife in front of the car and remember you have to come for your medications. I couldn’t say a word but THANK YOU, will I see the child when I come for my medication? Anytime he answered. I left with a little confidence that the child is in safe hands, have never met a doctor so tenderhearted but I kept wondering, what kind of woman would dump a child she carried for nine months without conscience? Which planet did she emerged from? Was she dumped? What is her story? All these questions kept replaying in my head and am like, the girl will grow up without knowing the father/mother. God, bless the doctor that came to my rescue,help other doctors round the globe to know the value of life,forgive the woman for dumping such a precious gift to the world,let her realise the harm she has caused the child, keep the baby alive. Strong and healthy.

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