(Letters to God)

Dear God,

Have got plenty reasons to be happy and numerous things to be grateful for; I don’t walk on my head and talk with my anus, I don’t walk backwards with my eyes in the back of my head, I don’t meddle with dark lips to sing praises, I’m forever grateful because I am not a slave who sees the truth and ties his/her tongue with silence. Recently, people’s behavior has punctured my eyes but it has not blinded it, their wickedness stinks and smells so much that it makes me vomit, had I the power, I would invite my anus to speak but why should I rub my hands on the wall after cooking a good soup? I would have love to leave the dead rat where I found it but I know this Epistle is the right avenue to reach out to you.


Edima is her name, she’s twin (non identical) we grew up together with different tutelage. Their Mum left when they were barely nine(9), Dad couldn’t cope but had to drop them with his Mum just to travel back to his work place in Port Harcourt. Grandma took over from there, nurtured,cared and loved like she birth them. We had mad fun together whenever I visit ‘small america’ and growing up with them was more than dope. Days,weeks, months,years passed we couldn’t see but communicate on phone. Their Dad passed on and their Mum who left them followed suit. Grandma felt bitter for her son and grand children but didn’t relent effort, she kept the faith and made sure they were OK. Grandma had acres of farmland and palm trees so, survival was a bit easy. Immediately after their last paper(WAEC) Grandma passed on too leaving them with relatives who never accepted them from outset, things became tough after Grandma’s burial, their farmland and palm trees which was their only source of livelihood was taken away from them simply because they were girls.

Mr Gabriel’s family volunteered to take them in but the feeling was not the same. Things went smoothly at the initial stage but as times goes on some element of maltreatment set in and it was as if they were begging to live life. Since there was no proper girl child orientation for them, Editi took in on her first encounter but didn’t know until she was asked by an elderly person, by then the signs were all visible, that night she packed her things without the knowledge of the guidance except Edima to the guys house who willingly accepted her. Edima was left alone and the feeling of not seeing her twin struck in every seconds, she was not the strong one but she had to cope.

After all the talk and ‘where’ question, she decided to open up to the guidance the whereabout of Editi. She and her sis became talk of the street,even the guidance felt like throwing her out but people pleaded for mercy and I asked myself (where will she go if she’s thrown out?) Everyday became a talk show for Edima in the house, she could hear their story even from a toddler who is learning how to talk. Talking to opposite sex or even walking with them was prohibited, I can’t recollect the number of times her phone was smashed and sim broken whenever she’s having a long conversation (without them knowing who she’s talking to). At a point, she was always abused and talked down on because she had nobody. One fateful day,she summoned courage to abscond from the house,since then till now, I haven’t set my eyes on her. Editi is safe, she put to birth and currently working but Edima is no way to be found.


God, since I was born I have never seen the righteous forsaken,you’ve always been everything to the orphan and a bunch of encouragement to the helpless. It is only you who can fill the vacuum and be a present help. Expunge every wrong mentality from our relatives, help the human race love and value what they have. Protect Edima wherever she is and bring her back safely in due season,give me the resources to better their lives someday and encourage whosoever that is going through the same phase.

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