( Read and Laugh) John Cena talks about his favorite footballer 

WWE superstar John Cena has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo is his favourite football player. Speaking during a recent chat show on the BBC with football expert Mark Lawrenson, Cena spoke on the Premier League and how he came to love Tottenham “If I had to name some famous footballers, I would start and end with Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s it,” Cena said.

John Cena is the biggest name in professional wrestling today. Cena also spoke about Premier League and said that though he had never seen a Premier League game live, he had fond memories of visiting Tottenham ground during his wrestling-tour to London in 2008. “Tottenham were playing the same night I had a WWE event in London. But I was able to go and see the stadium and I was lucky enough to actually walk on the pitch,” he said. Cristiano Ronaldo is John Cena favorite footballer.


The American wrestler said he would be good enough to only warm the benches as football involves a lot of running which he is not used to.

“If I were to play myself, I would be on the bench because I have watched a few games, and it is a lot of running – I don’t run very well, or very far. “I could maybe go in goal but there is a lot of pressure on the goalie, because the net is so big and the goalies are so small, so it is tough to block the shots,” he added. He would later admit that “being an inspirational coach might be my best role.”


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