Broken heart girl

I could Never forget Getting held against my will with a gun to my head was The worst Feeling Ever , & Y’all Mfuckers may think Im crazy but I always Pictured my self Getting Molested or raped I always felt it in my heart one day it a happen and I prayed before it did It would NEVER Happen ‘ I remember the day It Happen 6 or 7:00 Ina Am After Fighting my attacker While his gun Was in his hand as he tried to Reach for my head , I grabbed his hand & Started grabbing the gun he could’ve shot me or I could’ve shot him but at that moment I was hoping the gun Want off & it was Me pulling the trigger 🔫,
I was able escape from My attacker and glad I knew the area I was in I ran to a projects Complex where I knew A family member that lived there , & thank god she was home …
After climbing gates and running through backyards I was dirty and had a bunch of scars on My Legs & Right Foot , while at my destination I was able to clean it! While escaping I didn’t have No shoes , My cellphone Nor Purse I didn’t give a fuck about that shit longs I got away and I think and angel was above me that day 😇




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