While Returning to my kids that same morning all I could do was cry , It touched my heart that i was Able to grow into a strong black Beautiful women ❤️ .. But the situation didn’t make my life no better A few weeks want by and I told myself I had to get tf up out of Nc , So I brought me & the kids tickets & headed my way back to NJ ‘ I figured I can change & become a better person…. After my lil situation Want down I didn’t know how to handle myself I had low self esteem & I started hanging Ina streets more ‘ August9th , I was arrested I came home & still decided I wanted to be in the streets .. Started drinking more partying more & Stripping I couldn’t control myself , I broke up with mike while he was doing his time .. Got me a Bf & End up Pregnant, I hated that I became pregnant by a mfucker I didn’t even wana be with but he made sure my daughters was good although they wasn’t his , I Didn’t know I was pregnant but I think I was jinxed because at the time I wasn’t everybody thought I was now I really am everybody has so much to talk about … I never regretted a pregnancy in my life But for some reason I Don’t want this baby , I punched my stomach I still drink .. & i made an Abortion Appointment Which takes up to 2/3days depending how far you are im trying everything to get rid of it ..

A few months While being pregnant Mike was Released But Before his released date I was scared and tried everything to make myself have a miscarriage …..



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