Broken heart girl

Am I Wrong for waking up feeling the way I feel , I’m to young to be going through what I’m going through I’m only 17 I’ll Be 18 Before My Due Date .. Sometimes we have the tendency to take what we have for granted and GO for what we don’t need, Being Pregnant there’s always mixed emotions involved and sometimes I just can’t control how tf I feel when It comes down to mIke, I find myself cooking breakfast with our child in his arms & my mind is wandering wondering wtf he’s been doing When tf he’s out all night with his “Guys” it ain’t hit me cause he always tend to come home every night but that shit didn’t matter The Question is WERE HAVE HE BEEN ?, I continued to make breakfast …. After getting done I told mike to make his own plate While I take zy & Feed her, He looked as if he knew I had a attitude but that shit ain’t matter to me I got me & Zy dressed & Left out ..
Heading to my Appointment It’s freezing cold I hated having to travel with Zy without a car specially Ina cold .. Phone *Rings* its mike, I ain’t tell him we’re I was going But I did answer just to hear his Question And I finally told him . Finally the bus came & now I get to sit zy car seat down my arm was hurting like fuck because the car seat was so heavy’ But I received help from a unknown men on our way getting off the Bus & I thought to myself “DAMN HE CUTE” & after Staring Ina daze I said “thank
You ” …


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