Story: BrokenHeartedGirl : Part3

STORY: BrokenHeartedGirl-Part1

Story: Broken Hearted Girl : Part2

After A long 3 Nights Me & Bae Finally decided to get some us Time while zy Was Sleeping.  Did I Mention We Had A Beautiful Daughter 5 pounds 4 Ounces I felt like my family was completed After a long year together I planned to spend the rest of my life with Mike ‘ But I’m Young & Mike was 4yrs older then me But age ain’t matter I didn’t GAF About the differences once I got that grown dick it made me sprung.. After Two weeks Of bleeding after having my Zy I gave Daddy what he been missing Made love To the dick, I swear that was my right hand mans When I mention Bonnie & Clyde WE WAS THE FUCKING DEFINITION Me & Zy Ain’t Want for nothing Whether me & mike was together or not when I felt the need I wanted to go out mike sister watch Zy While I go clubbing or go on a hunt with mike We was homies & lovers although some nights mike left me just to go out with His Homies I hated them specially That fuxk nigga Zak that was mike Back bone but I ain’t GAF Who he was I was ready to blow that nigga brains out with my 40 I always kept in my purse, I always been a gangsta ass Bitxh That’s why mike Liked me so much But once I had my daughter I left the streets alone I always had respect Ina streets and everybody knew who my babyfather was .. After along night mike came home Cooked me dinner After he showered & Rubbed my booty Baby Zy was woke so I bathe her & fed her All she did was laugh all night she was a daddies lil girl & A happy baby days go by & Zy getting Bigger some nights I would cry Of joy because this was unbelievable ( I got a fucking daughter) biggest blessing ever


Watch out for part four

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