Broken heart girl


While Zy sleep Me & mike watching a movie on the couch ‘ I looked up To Mike and asked him was he Prepared for our next arrival , He said Yea I laid my head back down & Continued watching the movie Mike put his arms around me &said everything gone be fine Before Dozing off mike got up to roll his blunt ‘ I told him I was going to bed so I turned the tv off got up & headed To the room Zy started to wake up so I made her bottle picked her up & started feeding her As she doze off in my arms .. Mike walks Ina room after smoking his blunt He laid across the bed & started playing the game , Zy Drinks all her milk Goes back to sleep with a full belly I laid her back in her crib then headed to bed , After A Half of night spent with mike I woke up made breakfast & fed Zy , Mike was headed to the trap after eating & giving me & Zy a big kiss after getting myself and zy dressed we headed to my doctor appointment Hopefully today is the day I find out what I’m having,…. After 1hr at the doctors office they pointed me an ultra sound for baby Gender in Another week , I was super excited& couldn’t wait ….Heading home I stopped at the grocery store to get something to cook later on ‘ I was so exhausted& zy was so damn heavy in that car seat I started to get hot and frustrated



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