Teenage actress Regina Daniels shares adorable photos with her mom (pics)

So is the caption from the post done few hours ago by Nigerian teenage actress Regina Daniels.She uploaded a few pictures she took with her mum on her Instagram page and caption one of them as; “Motherly love….abi daughterly love my love for my mama no go fall like dollar ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #creamysquad #creamyyo #reginadaniels#creamyq”. But really, has Dollar really fallen against the Naira or it’s vice versa? 

She captioned the “reaction after the kiss I was like eewww mummy she said if I slap ur mouth, ewww u too” .The particular picture where she kissed her mother has been generating alot of comments from other Instagram users. While some agree that there is nothing wrong with the picture, some express disgust at the photo. …. read comments at the side of the photo

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