Vendors or Telecom companies, who is to blame for the increase of Airtime prices?

You may have woken up to the news that Airtime prices have increased from 500 to 600 and 1000 to 1200.This however is not common news yet since a few selected vendors in some areas have started selling with the new price.

Regardless of the increase in price, both parties have their own say as to what has brought about this new turmoil. Retail vendors say the commission they receive from the selling of scratch cards airtime has drastically drop from the usual 4% to about 2% for MTN cards and from 4% to 3 % for Airtel the margin they quite can’t contemplate why the cellular companies opted to go with.

The legal laws and the pedigree Uganda Communication Commission set for the telecom companies, doesn’t legally allow retail vendors to set their own prices for the voucher cards since the prices are written on the cards but what options do they have if the little they have at hand (profit made) from the sales is being reduced and the times are hard.


Telecom companies affirm that the stipulated prices on the vouchers remain operating and no changes have been made for the purchase of scratch cards. They as well go ahead to advise customers to use their respective mobile money platforms to buy Airtime in order to avoid the inconvenience.

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